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 Elk. Also seem to be called Moose

Wild boar with new born piglets
© NF Photo 150422 Energiskogen, Boda Kvarn

I was walking in the energy forest at Boda Kvarn two days ago. Sun shining and I did not expect to meet any other then maybe a deer. Or a hare. But the first thing I encountered was this elk. Probably a young one from last year. It looked at me and then took off into the trees. 

Then I continued checking the rows of trees in the field. Saw something dark and realized it was a wild boar. And it had at least 5 newly born piglets.

Not my best images ever but it was hard to focus in both cases. Seeing the elk I stopped on the spot and lifted the camera slowly to get a shot. I managed to get these two before it was gone. The boars noticed I was there but it was hard to focus because they was far into the bushes. And the family moved away. 

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  1. Awesome.. I love the elk, beautiful animal . And cool sighting of the wild boars.. Great shots of both critters. Thank you so much for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  2. Well, that had to be an interesting walk. Glad you didn't encounter anything that might want to encounter you. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a young moose ... elk makes more sense as you are in Sweden. But then, you have wild boar in Sweden? I would never have thought it. I guess, even at my age, I have much to learn. This was a wonderful post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. no, you are right, it seems to be what you call moose :)

  3. I have noticed that what we call elk here in America is very different from the elk of Europe, which we call a moose. It's always interesting to make the comparisons. Great photos of him, whatever he is called! :-) And to capture those new baby boar was amazing, even if they stayed hidden in those grasses.

  4. Really great sightings.

  5. Yes, we call them moose. For extra confusion, the elk (or wapiti) is called a red deer in Europe. Spectacular large creatures, all!

  6. Fina bilder! Vi hade älgar utanför köksfönstret när jag var liten och vi bodde på landet. Här i "stan" ser jag inte dem.


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