NF Trees n Bushes 4 Duveholmsbadet

NF Trees n Bushes #4

Welcome to the forth edition of the NF Tree n Bushes meme.

 I have always liked trees and have lots of them in my files that I never got around to post. I assume that many of you have it too. So, for this meme is not about running around taking shots today. You can as well dig in your files for those gems never posted. Trees and bushes comes in many shapes and forms ant they look different as the year go by. Many of them has flowers and are showing autumn colors. They change always.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in so far. It seem to work well and to be a fun one. I hope it will continue that way. Today I share birches again. Well, what do you expect. It is the most common tree in Sweden :)  These birches grow at the nearby lake where we have a small beach. They look nice all year round. This was an early morning walk.

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 The first viev I get coming to the lake is this one. Where the birch stands is a small area for toddlers to play in the water.

Standing at the birch above turning around I see this view. With the bridge. This is the place for those who can swim.

And for divers. As the  trampoline is up it is just to jump in. But I guess it was still very cold that day. 
© NF Photo 150415, Duveholmsbadet

Now over to you. Lets see what you have to share.

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  1. Wondeful!
    I like birchs, reminds me about Russia. Here in the Harz-Mountains in Germany birchs are unwelcome, the called them forestry weeds and cut them up :-(

  2. Björkar har så vackra stammar.

  3. How lucky you are for the Birch to be common ... here we have them only in landscaped yards. They do grow in other area's but I would have to travel to see them. As for your pictures, the first one is a stunner ... all that beautiful blue and the contours of the tree and the clouds as reflected in the lake. That is the kind of picture I get excited about when I download it and see how perfectly lovely it is ... Looks like a nice place to go on a nice day. Great pictures, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Lovely shots. We only have very few birches in gardens and parks here in Melbourne, too. They are exotic trees!

  5. The birch trees and lake are just beautiful! I love that first photo! I appreciate you starting the new meme...I have always loved trees and think I'm going to enjoy posting them with you! Thanks so much!

  6. I love the birch tree with its reflection in the lake and the animals gazing nearby.

  7. That is a fine looking pond just waiting for warmer weather for people to come play in the water.

  8. Some lovely reflections here.

  9. Perfect reflections.... looks so calm and tranquil


  10. Gorgeous photos and reflections! What a great idea, a meme all about trees. I love trees!


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