I´m ashamed

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Recycling bins
NF Photo 130729

I am ashamed! I was passing by our recycling site today. It has turned into a dumping ground for trash lately.
In my part of the town a lot of people from different parts of the world lives. Lots of them are refugees. Many are Muslims and comes from Somalia. Others comes from different parts of disturbed areas in the Middle East and other places.  And others, like me, are Swedish of course.
As far as I know we have all lived here for years. No new arrivals in the area. All of us knows the rules. There is NO excuse whatsoever for the recycling area to look like this!

Our World Tuesday
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Taxinge Castle

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Last week we were, at last, able to visit Taxinge Castle. My car that had been broken for the last couple of weeks finally is repaired. Now my daughter, my grandson, my sister and me went to finally enjoy  the Taxinge Castle café. "In the "Cake Castle", you can get a taste of northern Europe's largest cake buffet."  Well, I´m not sure about that, but they surely have the biggest cakes ever.

Before we went to the café we strolled around the area for a while. Enjoying some chicks, pigs and horses. 

 How to shot a chicken.

The chicken!

In line for the cake buffét
We usually buy different varieties, cut them in half, and share them between us. That way we get to taste more varieties.

 They have a nice little garden you can enjoy and the Lake Mälaren below. Lots of people was there swimming and having fun that day.

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Playing with new camera

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NF Photo 130701 Duveholmsbadet

I want to the little lake this afternoon to get some sun on my body. Have to get used to it as I am going away in august and need some tan before that. I also brought my new, little, camera and had some fun with it. It is an OLYMPUS and it can take underwater shots. Which I plan to do when I am away. Here I tried the Mosaic filter.

Our World Tuesday
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