Sjöholm farm

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Mostly dry areas "inside" the reed. All this green should be filled with water.  :(

Sjöholm farm
© NF Photo 170730 

I went to Sjöholm to see if there would be any migrating Common Snipes. Below the barn is a small waterfilld wetland. Or, should be. Half of it has dried out this summer. Still, there was enough water to host about 15 Snipes, some Greylag goose and Lapwings. But it was the Snipes that interested me. I like those cool birds with the long bills. And I was happy to see them

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Roe deer and Common Blackbird

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 Roe Deer
The female in teh first image was injured. Her hind leg was useless and she walked on three legs. I did not see any wound so I don´t know what was wrong. She seemed to manage anyway.

Young Common Blackbird, male
This young guy was not in a cage even if it looks like it. We were on either side of a fence.

© NF Photo 170720

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Kalla - Araceae

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Kalla  -  Araceae
© NF Photo 170719 

An eye catching flower :) 

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Barns at Klastorp

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Klastorp © NF Photo 170704

Klastorp © NF Photo 140823

These barns belongs to one of the largest Mansions outside my town. They are built in a style mostly used in the southern part of Sweden, Skåne. Mostly called Timber framing.

The first two images is new. What they are used for today, other then to have a party, I don´t know. 
From the closeup I can see that one has been used as a stable for horses. 

The last image is taken long ago on the other side of the road.So, there are 4 of those barns. Used for different things I believe. The last one seem to be machinery and hay. 

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Tiny critters

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An Admiral stops you from walking. 

A tiny spider on birch bark

A snail clinging for dear life on a straw.
© NF Photo 170703

There are many small critters around us that we rarely notice. Here are a few.

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Reflected in the fruit counter

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Reflected in the fruit counter
© NF Photo 170616 

You want to buy one?  Chose one at the bottom. 😄

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