Trapped sun

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Imprisioned sun
© NF Photo 160224

I should not really give you the name of this sculpture. Lately there have been a lot of incidents where sites are charged for sharing artwork without paying royalty. Soon it will be impossible to share images of public art as the artist demands royalty for them.

Well there are some reflections in the metal work. Hope you like it.

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  1. glad you showed us this cool sculpture!

  2. Sounds strange that one would have to pay for sharing something that is on public display. However it is a nice sculpture and I love the angle of your photo.

  3. That is the first I have heard of artists wanting royalties for sharing their work ... doesn't surprise me though as everyone seems to be driven by the almighty dollar (or what ever currency they use). Sure wish life would go back to simpler times when people cared and appreciated without having to be paid for it ... Not overlooking your awesome shot, Monica, just bemoaning the reality.

    Andrea @ Fromn the Sol

  4. That's a great reflection. Not sure how they can ask for royalties when it is in a public area.

  5. Had not heard about artists demanding royalty payments for publicly displayed work. I'm all for supporting artists, but my photos are mine. The reflections here are lovely, and I like the sculpture.

  6. A very interesting sculpture and great reflections. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Hello, it is a neat sculpture! Happy weekend!

  8. IMHO, art that is shown as part of a larger composition should not be considered "copied" as long as it is displayed publicly with no rule against taking photos. However, standing in front of a painting, taking a photo, and publishing it without permission is a copyright violation.


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