Kvismaren and Hammars Säteri

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Entrece to Hammars Säteri
Beautiful setting with the row of yellow flowers in the lawn behind the fence.

The cattle let out for the season in front of the Hammars Säteri

This one looks unusually fat to be a cow.

Close to the farm they have the NatureReserve Kvismaren. Probably on the farms land.
This is an overview of one part of the reserve. Not many birds on the water but it should have been a lot. :(

 Öby Kulle, at Kvismaren, below the viewpoint above are famous for it´s snakes. We have three kinds of them. Lots of people comes here with the children too in order to see the snakes that is warming up in the sun. This one is a viper, we call it Huggorm and it has poison. Not deadly for a human unless you are allergic. The eyes on this one is blue for the moment.  The color changes when the snake are about to slough and the skin has loosened.

As I said above, not many birds but I did see these Greenfinches at the feeder beside the parkinglot.
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  1. Hello, what a great variety of photos and scenery. I like the view, the cattle, snake and the pretty birds in the last photo. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  2. beautiful area. the snake is lovely, even if toxic. :)

  3. wonderful photos! i like to look at snakes as long as they don't surprise me!

  4. Interesting ... many people come to see the snakes? Here most people would be trying to avoid the snakes. Love that your viper has blue eyes. Great series and fences :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Nice looking fence and entryway, love the long row of trees. Looks like a pretty area. The snake was neat.

  6. Interesting place. I was surprised to learn that you have so man

  7. ...that you have so many kinds of snakes. (Sorry, working on my iPad)


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