Totem animal

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© NF Photo 130818

If I have a totem animal this snake would be it. I have on several occasion's had pleasant encounters with the species. They are not poisonous. Only dangerous for fish and small animals. I have seen it catching fish twice. And when I had the kayak I sometimes had them swimming beside it.
They seem curious and intelligent. Once I was tanning on a rock when I felt somebody looking at me. Raising my head I found one of them right in front of me. Looking at me as to checking out what I was. We stared at each other for a while, then it left.

This time of year they come out and lay in the sun to warm themselves up. There are lots of them then.
I hope nobody was uncomfortable from this post.

Saturdays critters
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A new toy in the City Park

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Zooming out on a new toy in he City Park
 © NF Photo 140409, Katrineholm City Park

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I went to town today to go to the Library but decided to take a look at the City Park for a change. To my surprise they had built a new toy. Well, maybe not only a toy. It is meant for both old and young and seem to be great exercise for your whole body. There is also a sign with instructions. Probably a great idea for the elderly that lives half a block away. Good for balance and body stability at least.

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Another day in the energy crops

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The Hare did not seem to mind I was close.

 Deers checking out if I pose any threat to them

This one was far away and it was quite dark but it seem to me to be a cow so I figured it is a runaway.
© NF Photo 140402, Boda Kvarn 

I went to the energycrops once more at dusk to see if I could find any more wild boars but I found none. The above critters was what I found. And a few birds.

Saturdays Critters 18

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Cat on the windowsill

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Cat on the windowsill
© NF Photo 140109

Normally you find cats sitting on the windowsill on the inside of the window, looking out. This one was sitting on the outside, looking in, until I came and disturbed it. When it realised I was not it´s master it took off.

Saturdays Critters    Weekend Reflections

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