Whooper swan and canada goose

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Whooper swan
© NF Photo 180107, Ökna

I found them! In the lake closest to my home they are in the middle of the lake where there are an opening. Totally out of range for my equipment. But in this wetland, and with sunshine for once, it was good enough to capture them. And the canada goose still here too. 

It has been raining a lot and the water is back. Last time I was here, this place was all dry.

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  1. Hello, the are pretty swans. Great sighting and captures. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day.

  2. Hello!:) You did well to get these lovely shots of them. Great to see the Canada Geese and Whoopers together.

  3. Oh, my, these are fantastic images.

  4. Swans have so much personality! Great that you found them and I k now they are glad the water has returned.

  5. Bird conversations ... and nature on your doorstep!

  6. Great shots of the geese & swans. I'd love to see a swan in the wild.

  7. So so pretty! Wishing you a great weekend! Stay warm!


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