A rainy day swifts and ducks

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 The old birding tower at lake Näsnaren outside Katrineholm

View to the left

View in front of the tower

View to the right where it opens to the lake. The dots on the water is mostly ducks.

Some ducks on the water and lots of swifts above them.

Common Swifts

Leaving the tower I have to pass this short boardwalk

To get to the car I have to pass this gate and walk for about 5 min through the forest to the parking. 
   © NF Photo 150709 Gamla tornet

As you can see from the images the rain varied a lot but never stopped. I was surprised to see all ducks already going south. And the swifts so low due to the rain and they too early to gather like this.
It was too dark to get good shots so I leave it for now.

GOOD FENCES    Sky Watch Friday
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  1. the grey makes for lovely water photos! thanks for linking!

  2. Not a great day for photography bt you did manage to get a fence shot fot Tex's mem.

  3. Your rainy photos are wonderful . . .

  4. Sorry about the rainy day, it has been happening here a lot lately. I love the swifts and the pretty scenery! Have a happy weekend!

  5. Regardless of the situation, you did a super job on capturing these great sights.

  6. The birding tower is cool looking. Loved the gate at the end and seeing the birds flying, swifts are hard to capture as they move so quickly.

  7. Maybe not so much fun, but the pics are worth the effort. It's what makes it fun (I tells meself!).

  8. Looks like a lovely place to wander and feel at home with nature.


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