Macro frost and NF Meme news

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Frost on barbed wire
 © NF Photo 130818

Macro Monday


Next week "NF Catching Light" will open again. Mondays as usual but
it will move to NF Bildverkstan/Image workshop.
I realized from comments that some of you actually learned from it so I will change it a bit. I will give explanations and occasionally give you optional themes to work with. That will challenge me a bit too.

I will also start a new meme. A topic I have not seen before. Trees and bushes! That will give some people an excuse to link up their flowering trees and bushes as well. The meme will run for the summer at least. I have tons of trees to post from all over the world.   :)
"NF Trees n Bushes" will open on Tuesdays with start next week in this blog.

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  1. Så roligt! Dessutom områden som intresserar mig - natur och hur man använder ljuset i sina bilder.

  2. The frost becomes a rather webby magic on the wire. Lovely.

  3. amazing pictures, there really is beauty in the tiniest details.

  4. Finfina bilder och spännande med nya utmaningar. Jag hoppas få tid över till att delat lite oftare för man lär sig mycket och får massor av inspiration från andra fotointresserade.

  5. So happy you will be bringing back the Light meme. It's all about light, as far as I am concerned. And the Trees/Bushes one should be a winner! Thank you very much.


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