Catching light 130 Lights out

 Catching light 130

Welcome to the last edition of  Catching light meme.
 In 130 posts I did not manage to create a larger community. I wanted at least 25 people for a living meme. If you don´t count those with multiple links as they are not interested in the meme (they never even bother to comment on my work) there is only 10 left after all those weeks. But I failed and don´t know why. Maybe because I don´t have a private life to share, I´m retired and single. And rather healthy so there is not much about private things I can share!  Or maybe because I never have giveaways. I don´t know! I only share the beauty I see around me and that don´t seem to be enough. I sometimes enter in competitions and it is never the images sharing beautiful things that wins. It is the dark side of life that does.

Or, maybe I have too many blogs, making people confused. Somebody once said about me: "you are scattered all over the place". He is probably right.

Many thanks to you who have become my friends.  You know who you are. Thanks for staying with me. You can still link up with NF DAM at Bildverkstan / Image workshop. Remember, great SOOC images can also be considered art if you took great care shooting it. So, welcome to DAM. And I see you in other memes as well.

With that said:
I´ll take a rest from memes for a while but might consider starting a meme about trees later on! I have so many fine trees never posted. Would anyone be interested in such a meme? I also will be gone for a few days starting Thursday so I will not have much time commenting. But Dam will be on. Where I´m going? You will find out in the end of next week. 

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Lights out
© NF Photo 141129  © NF PhotoArt 150301

This image is a combination of a photo and a session in Photoshop.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh :(
    I'm going to miss this meme. Ever since I started taking part in Catching light, I believe I've been observing 'light' a little more. I think I'll continue to catch light and have it as a category on my blog. :) Thank you for the inspiration, Monica.

    Thank you also for hosting this lovely meme. Thank you so, so much. :)

  3. My Dear Monica ... Failure? I don't think so, but if you feel it is a failure there is some hope in that as failure is often the precursor to many wonderful successes. These are merely stepping stone to bigger and better. I have loved all of your memes and it is a great loss especially to those who never took the time to appreciate the opportunity to see the light in so many different ways ... perhaps they do prefer the dark side or are so self absorbed that they can't reach out. Whatever it is, I feel sorry for them ... and not you because you
    ARE the light for many of us.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Speaking of light ... I forgot to comment on your clever smoke into the light. A fitting and most impressive last post for this meme ... I like everything about it :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Så tråkigt att du slutar med den här memen. Jag har älskat den. Den har motiverat mig att bli bättre och mer observant på hur jag förhåller mig till ljus och skugga i mina bilder.

    Det är befriande att hålla sig till ett ämne, på en neutral planhalva, utan att blanda in sitt privatliv om man inte vill. Njuta av att man är pensionär och kunna ägna hela tiden åt sådant man gillar är underbart. Du ska inte belasta dig själv på något sätt utan fortsätt njut av allt det vackra!

  6. I wish I knew why some memes do well and others don't. I liked this one because it gives a wide range of possibilities and I don't understand how memes that limit your options have so many participants.

    I, too, will miss this meme, but I don't consider it a failure--you did get a wide audience.

    Hope to see your photos around the blog world!

  7. Monica, like our friend Andrea, I don't think you have failed. Instead of one big meme you have lots of smaller ones - but I realise it is a lot of work for you. I struggle to keep up with only two . Also I have to thank yo for yout inspiration. You don't know how many times I have looked around me and thought "perfect for Catching the Light- where 's my camera." Even last night, in bed, I thought - oops I have flower pics and forgot to join blo Ma - must do it in the morning! I also have missed DAM a couple of times because I started a pic especially for it_ but ran out of time. So thank you my blogger friend - and I look forward to seeing your holiday images. I wonder where you are going?

  8. Ps- I like yout canle image - and this is another way in which you have inspired me- SOOC pics - I have a new camera , have taken some courses and am even beginning to be brave enough to post some of them!

  9. sorry to hear about this meme ending...I only contributed a few times...but still enjoyed it.

  10. So sorry you consider it a fail. Even if only 10 people are regulars, how is that failing? Not that many people really care about things like the beauty of light in photos. It's a bit of a special group, no? In any case, you've done a fine job here and I'm sorry to see it go. I've only recently begun commenting because I was confused by how this blog works. I would click on the image, and then click the back arrow to return so I could comment, but instead, it made the whole blog go away. I finally realized I had to click the little X in the far upper right corner. I am not too bright sometimes. Thanks for hosting and hope you return to blogging soon. Trees are a wonderful subject.

  11. Jeg kommer til å savne denne memen. Jeg har ve ikke vært for trofast til å delta, men har jeg kunnet så har jeg.
    pass på deg selv, nå da.
    Klem fra MORMOR

  12. I do not count success with numbers... a community defines success. I personally like the smaller number of participants so I can actually visit everyone within the meme...those really large ones are too intimidating...I have actually learned from this meme and your DAM community one. I truly hope you continue hosting, in whatever idea you come up with. Enjoy your vacay!
    Your dancing light is intriguing♪


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