Too much digging!!!!!

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Too much digging!!!!!
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I´m actually pissed!! 
 My town celebrates it´s 100 years anniversary this year. And what do they do??  Destroying the entire city! You would think that they wanted to show off a beautiful, 100 years old city, but no. The city has been all messed up the entire year. 

This morning I was going to visit the skateboard ramp on the opposite side of the city. I had to go through the work site shown in the images. This place has been a mess for about 6 months now. And today they changed the "passage" and left us with very poor instructions for how to drive. What lane to follow. 

 In every corner there are orange arrows telling us to drive this way or that.

Later on when I was done at the skateboard track I took a street I thought was untouched. But no, new sign. No passage this way, turn right!

I went back to take another street. Passing the Forest cemetery. They are digging there as well. One way street again with a traffic light too.

The last parts were located all around the hospital. I wonder what will happen if there is an accident and the ambulance are in a hurry 😠

That is how you celebrate your birthday. This is just a fraction of what they are doing. 

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  1. You are right, there is nothing worse than having the roads dug up and messed with. Hope you took your frustrations out on the skateboard.

  2. Great anniversary shots of the town.

  3. And these road work seems to go on forever. I feel you.

  4. That is too bad! I like those little houses in the last picture. What are they?

  5. they are art.


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