Roe deer and Common Blackbird

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 Roe Deer
The female in teh first image was injured. Her hind leg was useless and she walked on three legs. I did not see any wound so I don´t know what was wrong. She seemed to manage anyway.

Young Common Blackbird, male
This young guy was not in a cage even if it looks like it. We were on either side of a fence.

© NF Photo 170720

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  1. Hello, love the pretty deer. I hope the female is ok. Cute shots of the Blackbird. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. The bird looks a little messy... and, maybe, a car has striped the deer a long time ago, wound is healed (?)
    Send you a part of our rain, such much we had not needed...

  3. Wonderful photos. Hopefully, the deer will make a full recovery. Fun shots of the blackbird through the fence.

  4. Oh, the deer images are fantastic!!
    And the last photo, again, I favor. Excellent composition. Thanks so much for sharing this with us birders.

    1. ps...forgot to mention your header...blissfully beautiful.

  5. How great to see the deer. Perhaps it had an old injury and has learned to get by on 3 legs :-)

  6. We see deer like that here and here is it caused by cars.....Michelle


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