Banded Demoiselle - Blåbandad jungfruslända - Calopteryx splendens

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 Banded Demoiselle, female

Banded Demoiselle, male

© NF Photo 170529. Emån

A beauty I found on my way to Öland

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  1. Hello, beautiful captures of the damoiselles. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Many thanks for sharing this beautiful macro with All SEASONS. The third capture is my favorite, because of the blue showing up:)
    About the widget in your side bar - sorry! When I adopted this new wordpress theme, it came with a "featured image" which takes up the whole left side. When I tried to crop the first (featured) image, it also shows up the same size as my log/button on my posted post.
    Can imagine you don't want that macro size in your side bar. So I won't mind if you delete it, or choose the reduced size "button" of "All Seasons" or have nothing in your side bar. If people like to know, you still have the link to All Seasons in your post (most wordpress blogs nowadays have no button for their challenge, or side bar mention, so I really don't mind). Have a great week and welcome aboard!

  3. I'm not familiar with the damoiselles so thank you for posting such great close up photos. The light catching them gives them such a fantastic colour.
    Have a great week :D

  4. Such pretty colors and so shimmery.

  5. These are wonderful images! The colors just pop.

  6. Wow! I never realized how gorgeous those creatures can be. You honor them well.


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