My rainy day

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 Computer corner

motor vehicle inspection
© NF Photo 170424

The first part of the day I set up the new computers. Top image shows how my computer corner looks right now. Three computers, a printer and three cameras. All needed to get things to work properly. In my world. Too much? Yea, sometimes I think so. 

The afternoon was spent on motor vehicle inspection and shopping. And, of course, the camera followed to document things. Like the reflections and distortions because of the rain. My car was fine. No problems. 

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  1. Whatever it takes to create your art that's what counts.

  2. Nice shots. I like the second one very much.

  3. The things we have to see nature now but a nice catalogue of it.

  4. Hello, I have a little computer area for my desktop. I am glad your vehicle was fine. We are having a soggy few days now. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. You were more ambitious than I usually am on a rainy day. I would probably have spent the whole day in that lovely computer corner -- with maybe a break to go to my favorite reading chair ;>..... I am glad you got all the equipment fixed and installed and ready to go.

  6. That is a great reflections photo with the numbered garage doors. I like the composition. Rain brings all sorts of good things.

  7. Truly a lot of technique... and I often think, we spent to much time with these things. They should work properly and save time, but we waste a lot of time to make them working, isn't it?
    But well, a rainy day is good for that...
    Have a sunny weekend

  8. Great reflection shot in the rain



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