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NF Trees n Bushes 65

Welcome to NF Tree n Bushes meme.

My thanks to everyone that participated last week.

Summer is in full swing but I hope some of you still like to link up. Several other memes has summerbreaks but I will not. Not yet anyway. The future will depend of the computer problems and lack of patience. 

I was in the forest yesterday looking for mushrooms. You should have seen me, dressed in a "hiding" suit, Covered from top to toe. Why?   Moskitoes!!! The older I get the less I like them. Way below zero right now. Will soon have to make some decisions. Maybe later I will share what I look like when in the forest. 

This time I share a privy.  It is located in the forest and placed there by the lajv people. Looks like crap but I did take a look inside and they actually have cleaned it up. But those lajv people have spoild the forest more or less. There are benches and grills everywhere. They must be both lazy and hungry. They have even build an old fashioned prison. But now I am chatting. Over to the images of today.

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© NF Photo 160704

Enjoy your summer in the north and a fine winter in the south.See you next week.

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  1. Beautiful setting for this mundane activity... :-)

  2. Hello, it is a pretty location, we have some spot-a-pots along the trails here. They come in dandy sometimes, some are very well cared for too. Thanks for hosting. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  3. I know your problem about the mosquitoes from experience!This restroom looks pretty clean! Have a great week and thanks for hosting:)

  4. This is probably one of the more important uses of wood I have seen, though not quite as pretty as the surrounding trees :) I can't begin to tell you the confusion that has occurred around my post this week, but I think I may finally have it right. I do believe I am getting old ... or senile or both :(

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. This one is fancy in comparison to the one I grew up with!


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