NF Trees n Bushes 60 Common Hazel

NF Trees n Bushes 60

Edition 60! Already more then a year.
Welcome to NF Tree n Bushes meme.

 I have always liked trees and have lots of them in my files that I never got around to post. I assume that many of you have it too. So, for this meme is not about running around taking shots today. You can as well dig in your files for those gems never posted. Trees and bushes comes in many shapes and forms and they look different as the year go by. Many of them has flowers and are showing autumn colors. They change always.

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Common Hazel
© NF Photo 160530, Duveholms herrgård

There are places around here with quite a lot of Hazel bushes. It gives a different feeling walking among them. They give a special kind of light. I have expected to see a lot of nuts in the fall but they don´t produce much which is strange. I know they were used in form households and at food for at least pigs.

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  1. Beautiful lush green woods....
    I've noticed that hazels appear to produce more nuts when on the edge of a wood or by a river bank - maybe they need a certain quality of light!

  2. Hello, pretty shot of the greenery! Some hazel nuts would be nice to have. Thanks for hosting! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. How lovely and lush this all seems. We are heading into Winter now...
    Don't forget to link with the Friday Greens meme!

  4. Love the green hue of the forest ... it is so refreshing. Your Hazel bushes come in male and female and if there aren't both in the area, they won't produce nuts. And, I think only the female produces the nuts so if you were to want one in your yard, you could decide on which you preferred ... many nuts to eat or no nuts to pick up :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Interesting post and comments.


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