NF Trees n Bushes 6 Wisdom

NF Trees n Bushes #6

Welcome to the first edition of the NF Tree n Bushes meme.

 I have always liked trees and have lots of them in my files that I never got around to post. I assume that many of you have it too. So, for this meme is not about running around taking shots today. You can as well dig in your files for those gems never posted. Trees and bushes comes in many shapes and forms ant they look different as the year go by. Many of them has flowers and are showing autumn colors. They change always.

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Wisdom!  The old and wise teaching the young 
© NF Photo 150503, Broby

Thanks t o all who joined last week. Let´s see what you got this time.

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  1. Sorgligt men också vackert med dessa gamla döda träd.

  2. Selv døde trær er vakre.
    Ha en fin dag.


  3. Bare trees always look dramatic.

  4. Fortfarande vackert. Hoppas trädet står kvar ännu många år.

  5. Beautiful! An old tree is like a wise grandmother... that I've often thinking in my life.
    Thanks for hosting

  6. Lovely shot, a visual analogy! Thanks for hosting.

  7. A wise and beautiful old tree. I love big old trees like this!

  8. Jag gillar också träd. Döda gamla träd säger också en del och innehar ofta någon slags skönhet och dessutom gör dom sig riktigt bra på bild :)

  9. I may be old but I'm still not wise!


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