NF Blo-Ma 123 Orchids for the New Year

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NF Blo-Ma 123

Welcome to a new edition of NF Blo-Ma.  A meme all about Flowers and Macro shots. Not necessarily macro flowers. 

Thanks everyone who joined last week.

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Orchids for the New Year?
©  NF Photo 150104

Happy New Year everyone. Glad to be back with Blo-Ma.
I found these orchids in one of the supermarkets the other day. Is this supposed to be great? What are they doing with flowers like Orchids? The top one is so colorful in a way it seems unnatural but might be a varity. The last ones is painted with gold, silver and black color. Orchids? Treated that way? Hard to believe.

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  1. Jag älskar orkidéer, men jag förstår inte varför de ska målas?

  2. Just as well these orchids are around all year round to brighten up your dark winter!


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