Midsummer Eve Celebration

I take a break from the Iceland trip report. This week I will tell you about Swedish Midsummer Eve Celebration. In the old days it was the summer equinox but nowadays we celebrate the closest Friday.

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This time it was rather cold so when I arrived at the location the lake was empty from swimmers. Don´t think I have ever seen it so empty before. Only one person was swimming. Not even the children.

 First thing to do is to dress up the pole with leaves and flowers.

 Then the pole has to be put in upright position.

 Then the dance begins. And those who don´t like to dance can walk the dog. And wear a flower behind his ear.

Most years I find a person I get drawn to. This year it was this beautiful young woman. I don´t know who she is but I liked her face and her hair with the pink decoration.
© NF Photo 140620 at Djulö

If you want to know more about the celebration you can take a look at the video below.
Swedish Midsummer for Dummies:

NF Blo-Ma 100     Our World Tuesday
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  1. How I love midsummer! Nice shots. It was too wet and cloudy here for us to do much though...

  2. The midsummer celebration looks like fun. Wonderful series!

  3. Video is amazing with details.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Made me smile. Similar but not the same as ours in Latvia from what i remember. Lovely midsummer madness . . .

  5. Looks like a great celebration for children and adults alike.

  6. The video is so fun!!! Thank you for telling us some about how you celebrate Midsummer! It is a non-event here in Canada...
    And I love your new header!!!

  7. A wonderful and serene face you captured here. And lovely shots of a great tradition.

  8. What a great celebration you had in your area. Would have attended if I was there. I also like the capture of the young woman.

  9. nydelige bilder fra st.hans. Dere har en utroilg flott feiring av den i Sverige. Det burde vi nordmenn lære litt av.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Dina bilder påminner mig om min barndom. Då var vi alltid och titta på midsommarstången vid allmogeföreningens gård på Emsalö och så var det dans efteråt. Fina minnen!

  12. good like fun, must be hard erecting the pole.


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