K Ä K and lajv

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Building in progress, seems pretty stationary to me. But according to rules it should be possible to dismantle in an day.
Steel wire


This path is NOT littered by men. But the rest are.
 NF Photo 121007
K Ä K   stands for Katrineholms Adventure Club.  Nowadays some Lajv groups rent (?) the area.  They pretend they live some 800 years back or so. But they obviously don´t know a thing about it. And they are certainly not skilled carpenters. Planks laying around and ropes all over the place. No tools actually to my surprise. The place looks like a trash dump. And it makes me ashamed on their behalf. Do they really think people lived like that in the past? What I show here is only a fraction of what is dumped there.

In the past years I always met a lot of people hiking the woods. Yesterday I only met one. Despite the fact it was a wonderful day and also muchroom picking time. More people then I think this area is spoiled. I know, it is great people have things to do that is wothwile. This group also work with children. But they have to learn to respect nature, the forest and other people. This is not a closed private area.   :(

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