Favourite walk is no longer

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NF Photo 120712, Krämbol

Now it is not possible to cross that bridge so instead of going in a big circle you have to turn back the same way you came. For the moment the nice promenade is spoiled. Hopefully the bridge will be rebuilt before winter is here. :(

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  1. That always happens, once we get use to something and love it is no longer there.

  2. What a shame. but it might be exciting to watch the new bridge forming.

  3. Yes, let's hope that they rebuild it. It's a beautiful spot for a foot bridge.

  4. What a shame, but hopefully it will be even more beautiful than before.

  5. As is so often the case, «Louis'» weekend work schedule means that he can't visit those who have contributed to Sunday Bridges until Monday. That being the case, he belatedly thanks you for participating!


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