Galna veckan - Craziest week ever

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NF Photo 120606 "christmas eve"

Believe it or not but I celebrated christmas last week. Why, you might ask? The young woman on the floor is my granddaughter who is studying in Hawaii. Being there she could not celebrate a "proper christmas" in december so she convinced us to do it now during summer brak. Even the weather seemed to think it was christmas. One day we had only +5degC. Almost snowing. We had some of the christmas foods. Last easter I bought Must, they usually have the same must for both christmas and easter. They only change the labels. It tastes a little like coke. Oh, then we had strawberries and new potatoes (for midsummer celebration) and herring. To finish of this event and make it perfect, my daughter found the JuliSkum in the shop. A brand new summer version of Santa. For christmas it is called JulSkum. (christmas foam) and now they changed the flavour and called it Juli skum. "Juli" for July. Santa is now officially on vacation. :) 

Two days later my grandson graduated. A big day for all of us.
This is his classmates, but where is he?  Well, take a look among the girls and you will find him. :)
NF Photo 120608, Tumba

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  1. What a fun idea to go ahead and celebrate Christmas. I enjoyed the shots and narrative.

  2. Great idea!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I agree with Carver, what a fun idea!! I do love your photos for the day! They seem full of all the good things for your family!


  4. Christmas is June sounds and looks like fun! You have a lovely family. Wonderful photos.

  5. Here in Australia it is blisteringly hot at Christmas time so many people celebrate in winter in the mountains where it snows and whole hotels have "Christmas in July".
    Any feast can be celebrated any time the family are together and your grandson's graduations was a great draw caed.

    Happy holidays!

  6. Always wonderful to celebrate festivals with family! Hope you had a great time :)

  7. Your photos show such joy within your family. Always good to have an excuse to celebrate. Enjoy your week.

  8. Ha ha .. ja .. ena dagen firade ni jul .. nästa .det vill säga två dagar senare firade ni bal .. i strålande sol :)
    Jätte härliga bilder fick du :)

  9. merry christmas :)
    lovely fun idea

    congrats to your grandson
    the young women look lovely, he has good taste

  10. What a great idea! Being away from home during a much loved holiday is always difficult, and I think this was a great way for your granddaughter to feel that she has not missed out on the fun. She'll still feel a bit sad at Christmas, but she'll have this memory to tide her over until she can see you all again.


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