Welcome to NF Winged #1

NF Winged #1

Note! Upcoming NF Flowers starts at 20.00 Stockholm time.
Hi and welcome to a new meetingplace for our winged friends.
I hope to see some butterflies, dragonflies and bugs. Birds are also welcome, of course, as any other "flying objects". Known or unknown. And, as I hope, from all over the world.  If there will be many submissions I will not visit everyone. And, for now, I only have a link submission.
 You only have to post any of your flying friends at your blog and then enter your link in the list. Don´t forget to link back to this site. Have fun and check out the entries of the other.

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  1. I hope it's okay I posted a flower photo today. Just noticed the theme of winged. Has the meme changed? I'll make of note of it for future submissions. Thank you. :)


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