NF Flowers #1

Hi and welcome to NF Flowers #1. 
I am starting this because I think it is sad with only one, as far as I know, meme for flowers in the middle of flowering season. I am planing to let it run during the summer if people are joining. To avoid too much work, I´d like to be outdoors as well, I don´t promise to visit everyone. I merely provide a meeting  place.

You only have to post a photo of flowers of any kind at your blog and then enter your link in the list. Don´t forget to link back to this site. Have fun and check out the entries of your friends.

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  1. En perfekt sida för en som gillar att fota blommor.Anita

  2. En gavepakke for de som elsker blomster!
    mvh Jorunns fotoglede:)

  3. Det blir trevligt med en utmaning för blomster om så bara över sommaren.

  4. Beautiful photos! Good to meet you. :)

  5. Beautiful... I have added my name to the list, do visit me!


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