Barns at Klastorp

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Klastorp © NF Photo 170704

Klastorp © NF Photo 140823

These barns belongs to one of the largest Mansions outside my town. They are built in a style mostly used in the southern part of Sweden, Skåne. Mostly called Timber framing.

The first two images is new. What they are used for today, other then to have a party, I don´t know. 
From the closeup I can see that one has been used as a stable for horses. 

The last image is taken long ago on the other side of the road.So, there are 4 of those barns. Used for different things I believe. The last one seem to be machinery and hay. 

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  1. ...now this is a fancy barn! The setting, style and colors make for a beautiful sight. Thanks so much for sharing. It would be wonderful to see some more in the future.

  2. Pretty!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I sure would love to see them...in person. I am always curious what is inside the barns....

  4. Hello, they are pretty barns. I like the style and they look so big. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  5. Great buildings.
    Great barns.

    All the best Jan


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