Late fall

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Tornstugan, Näsnaren
© NF Photo 161022

A grey day with light drizzle in the air. The wet leaves looks amazing when they are wet, but the lake is grey. Even the cormorants and mallards seem to loose their color. The last one of bluebells are resting on the fallen leaf. 

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  1. Pretty....loved how the golden yellow fallen leaves blanket the tree trunks.

  2. I wonder how come the bluebell has confused the seasons.

  3. Fall can be such a mixed bag. You caught the essence of change.

  4. Great photos - I especially like the first one with the light falling through the trees.

  5. When everything is grey like that on a drizzly day, it is great to see a few things stand out like the whiteness of the swans and orange of the leaves.

  6. You do have a good eye ... these captures tell the story of fall and how everything changes from colorful to gray ... gray days all winter around here. Not my favorite time except I do enjoy the snow with my Izzi who loves the colder weather. Really nice pictures, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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