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Hi everybody. You might find this additional post.

I never realized many of you actually learned a little from this meme. It was a pleasure to read about it.
Today as I was sitting 5h on a train going back home I was thinking about it.

Maybe I should change the meme a bit and then continue in a slightly different way.
My idéa, so far, was to move it into Bildverkstan / Image workshop where I have NF DAM.  To work with light is an artform in itself. And I know a few missed the opportunity of an optional theme in NF DAM when I ended that part.
Now, what would you think of  having a Catching light with an optional theme? If I mvoe it to Bildverkstan I can give instructions, tips and trix on how to work with light in a different ways and you still have the opportunity to link whatever light you want?

Tell me what you think and I see what I can do.

BTW, my trip was to Varanger in the northern part of Norway. Cold, birds and snowstorm. :)
You will see much or it here and there in my blogs soon. As soon as I have uploaded them.

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  1. Det vore trevligt om du fortsatte med catching light och dessutom gav tips hur man kan arbeta med ljuset.

  2. Thumbs up!
    I was hoping you'd want to bring back the lights. :) I was missing the meme so much, Monica.

    Tips and Tricks sounds great. I was wondering what you meant by optional theme, tho'.

    Nice to know you had a great trip. I would love to come by and read about it.

  3. I love working with light and would be de"lighted" if we were able to continue "Catching the Light" in any form that you would prefer. And the idea of you giving us pointers ... I can't wait. Hope you get enough of a response to make it worth your effort. Looking forward to you pictures from your trip Monica ... sounds cold and exciting :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I'm with you for whatever you come up with♪


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