Catching light 120 Merry Christmas

Catching light 120
NF Inspiring Photography, a meme for creative and inspiring photography and photo art. Focus more on how to catch the light. Create images with light or lack of light. Share the shots you were inspired to take or make. And then, this is the place to showcase them. The topic can, of course, be interpreted in many ways.  Most important have fun.

I´d like this to be a living meme. Not only another linky list. So far this is a small meme, surely you have the time to comment on others. Thank you for participating.
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© NF Photo 141219

This is a good day. From now on the sun will be with us a little longer each day. And it is also Christmas week. I wish you all a great holiday with friends and family.

And, please remember there are no Blo-Ma or new DAM edition  this week (DAM stays open from last week).  But you have the opportunity to post your link here as your images probably has light in them. :) So capture light and this meme will appear as usual next week.

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  1. En riktig god jul till dig också!

  2. Ah sunlight, where would we be without you?

  3. Am so happy the days will be getting longer! Lovely shot♪

  4. Ah ... the Solstice. I too welcome it and look forward to more sun each day. The truth is, though, we have had a record number of days without sun ( I call them gray days) so I may not even notice that the sunlight is lasting longer. You however have captured it for me ... Thank you for that, I was beginning to wonder if it was still around :) Have a Joyful Christmas, Monica and I look forward to another year of your wonderful meme's.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Beautiful, hopeful image. Yes, the light returns!

  6. Thank you. I hope you had a good Christmas. :)


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