International Food Market

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For Shadow Shot Sunday

International Food Market
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This weekend thee was an "International Food Market" down town. The market consists of sellers from different countries who advertise their own local food. And they are touring throughout Sweden. You can try and buy most of the products. I found the cotton candy was nice. Probably tasty too for all the children who walked  around and ate it.
The people in my town are quite international too. As the images show some thought it was a hot day while others thought it was chilly.

Our World Tuesday   P52 SST
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  1. That looks both fun and educational, which is a wonderful combination.

  2. Sounds like fun, a nice way to try out international foods. Enjoy your week!

  3. It does indeed sound and look like a fun and educational trip!! A great way to learn history of any kind!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Vilka läckra bilder och spännande marknad.
    Önskar dig en riktigt skön helg!


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