Art-wall Shadows

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Art-wall Shadows
© NF Photo 130818

This is my wall with paintings and artwork from members of my family as well as a few that I bought. The sun rarely comes to that wall. Only a low sun in winter. Like today when a glimpse of the sun casted some shadows on the paintings.

Shadow Shot Sunday
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  1. A brushing of delicate shadows indicates that light is shining somewhere! Happy New Year!

    Shadowy Mexican Dreams

  2. I do love your delicate shadows and, yes, it is good to know the light is shining somewhere these days!! Hope you have a wonderful new year!!

  3. awesome...so cool that you captured that rare shadow!!!

  4. lovely fragile shadow shot. and your wall is lovely also! Happy New Year!

  5. It's always fun to find shadows, and you did a good job finding these. ;-)

    I love the arrangement on the wall.

    Hope you have a Happy 2014!


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