Wheel reflection

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NF Photo 130207

This is what I had to deal with yesterday. When I uploaded the shots to the computer I realized I had an additional wheel on the car. :)  

Weekend Reflection
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  1. Oh, it does look COLD!! What a great reflection to discover!! Hope you have a good weekend, stay warm!!

  2. Todella upea pieni heijastus. Hieno idea
    Teillä on yhtä paljon lunta kun meillä.
    Terveiset Suomesta.

  3. :o) At least, that's a good reflection! I've never seen so much snow!

  4. You have eagle eyes to find any reflection in a pack of snow! Sorry you have to do all that work, before you can drive. Keep warm!

  5. joli coups d oeil et que de neige,pire qu ici ! ;o)

  6. The snow is so thick on the car that focusing on the reflection is not the first thing that comes to mind when we discover this incredible picture... The ignition might be difficult, today !


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