NF Trees n Bushes 7 Lunch time

NF Trees n Bushes #7

Welcome to the first edition of the NF Tree n Bushes meme.

 I have always liked trees and have lots of them in my files that I never got around to post. I assume that many of you have it too. So, for this meme is not about running around taking shots today. You can as well dig in your files for those gems never posted. Trees and bushes comes in many shapes and forms and they look different as the year go by. Many of them has flowers and are showing autumn colors. They change always.

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© NF Photo 150510, Tåkerns Vandrarhem

Having lunch under a blooming tree, a nice moment. And, those woman did check out a bird or two while sitting there.  Yea, I was with a couple of woman birders, 47 to be exact, on a birding trip to Tåkern Nature Reserve during the weekend.

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  1. Underbart ställe att rasta på.

  2. What can be lovelier as a lunch break under a blooming tree?
    Thanks for hosting

  3. Beautiful tree and looks like you had great weather in which to enjoy lunch!
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. Fresh air, beautiful flowering tree and fellow birder friends ... makes for a wonderful day and this picture seems to pick up on the joy of it all. Beautifully done, Monica and I look forward to some of your bird pictures from this trip :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. A perfect way to spend the day with friends. Very pretty scene.

  6. I'll bet that was a great birding trip! How lovely!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful group to hang out with!

  8. Stunning blossoms on the tree. A pretty scene.


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